Kazimirez Quilla Quassida

S Ch Kazimirez Quilla Quassida

No 3 Greyhound Bitch 1997
No 3 Greyhound Bitch 1998

27th of July 1992 – 2004

Mother to the EPIC A-litter

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

“Hilja” 2 Years
Photo: Annalena Almgren

Photo: Peter Hjalmarsson

“Hilja in the rosegarden”
Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

Hilja winning BOB, BIS Veteran and finally BIS, at the big sighthound show in Helsingborg 11 Sept 99. Premiered by three judges Julie Holm, USA BOB, Davor Javor, Croatia BIS Veteran and Tomasz Borkowski, Poland BIS.
Only four months after her litter
Photo: Christiaan Dirksen

“Hilja” at Scandinavias biggest Dogshow ever Stockholm December -99 placed 2:nd Best Veteran compeeting in the finals with 63 all breed dogs.
Photo: Ove Lundgren