I litter 2009

9 puppies, 2 boys and 7 girls. Father is AM Ch Sky Hi´s Diamonds and Rust and mother is
SBIS BIS Int Nord Ch NordV-05-08 SV-06-07 EPIC Clairvoyant.
“Rakel” EPIC Incredible will stay with us and 2 more will stay in Sweden.
1 to France, 1 to Finland, 3 to USA, 1 to Greece.


Born 27th of July 2009

Am Ch Sky Hi´s Diamonds and Rust JC


SBIS BIS Int Nord DK Ch NordV-05-08 SV 06-07 EPIC Clairvoyant



EPIC Imperial
Owner Lotta Lorensson, Sweden

FI Ch Finnish JW-10
EPIC Impressive
Owner Elisa Itälaakso, Finland

EPIC Impeccable
Owner Christie Keith, USA

AM Ch Field Ch
EPIC Irresistible
Owner Robin Barry, USA


EPIC Impassioned
Owner Jimmy Cabailo, USA

EPIC Inspiring
Inger Pettersson, Sweden


GR SE Ch EPIC Invincible
Owner Ina Koulermou, Germany


SBIS SE FI DK Ch EPIC Incredible
Owner EPIC

EPIC Indispensable
Owner André Renard & Paul Deanen, France/Belgium