Planned litter spring/summer 2018

For quite a while we have had in mind to do a breeding with a racing greyhound. In Sweden all racing greyhounds are registered greyhounds at the kennel club, so that is no problem.
 Compared with most breeds, standard greyhounds are healthy, but the genepool is getting smaller and the breed is in decline in most countries. The benefits of including racingdogs in the breeding of standard greyhounds are obvious. But there are some risks to consider. We don’t know the racingdogs from generations, and the way of selection for breeding is completely different.
 We don’t think it is urgent to do this kind of breeding, but better too early than too late.
 Others have of course done this already, but we think this must be done with a really high quality standard greyhound with a stable pedigree, otherwise it will not be so interesting to use offspring and the effort is worthless.
The choice fell on C.I.B SE DK NO FI CH DK Winner-13 SE Winner-14 Euro Sighthound Winner 2014 EPIC Juicy.
High quality, and type wise maybe as far from a racing greyhound you get.
To choose the suitable racing male for her was more of a struggle, but after consulting one of Sweden’s most experienced breeders of racing greyhounds we hope we have found a line that should not hold too many surprises. Also it was important to find a male that did not have too much of the obvious faults that occur in racing dogs. Having said that we are very pleased with what we found, Hultings Harald Gråfell. A reasonably good size dog with OK neck and topline, good croup, nice underline, strong bone. Gentle and sweet temperament.

So let us present for summer 2018 our coming Q-litter

e. Hultings Harald Gråfell – u. C.I.B SE DK NO FI CH DK Winner-13 SE Winner-14 Euro Sighthound Winner 2014 EPIC Juicy