EPIC Dynamic


C.I.B S Fin DK N Ch FinW-07 SW-10
EPIC Dynamic

2005-June-14 – 2011-February-25

BOB and CC at Crufts 2010
TOP Greyhound Male 2010
TOP Greyhound 2009
No 2 Greyhound Male 2008
No 3 Greyhound Male 2006

SBIS INT Nord DK Ch KBHV-05 NV-05-06 SV-05 NordV-06 EPIC Bombastic


S Ch EPIC Attitude


“Nestor” BOB at CRUFTS 2010
Judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden
Judge Critic
w/r dog of excellent size, the idea of type & lines I do much like, very correctly constructed & the hallmark of a great dog in set of neck layback of shoulder & angulations, some great Greyhounds show this combination & the right flow of lines to add to the top quality (this dog could have done with a trifle more topline though).
Moved so well & carrying head & neck in the best of ways, in super condition & in a very attractive way exposing his virtues in full function in action, a great dog.
CC & BOB, enjoyed him beeing shortlisted in the group.

“Nestor” 5 years
Photo Camilla Bäckman

“Nestor” winning TOP DOG on Gotland February 2010
The second year in a row. Judge Annika Ulltveit Moe

Photo Johan Olsson

“Nestor” winning BOB and Group 3
Sweden Växjö International 2009/Judge Per Iversen, Norway
Photo Mats Olsson

“Nestor” 4 years at the Greyhound Specialty July 2009

Photo Lize Edland, Borscana

“Nestor” 4 Years
April 2009

Photo Camilla Bäckman 


“Nestor” winning Group 2

Stockholm International December 2008

Photo: www.resultatibild.com

“Nestor” with Johan at the Swedish Greyhound Specialty 2008

Photo Yvonne Karlsson

“Nestor” 3,5 year
Photo: Per Unden

“Nestor”  2,5 years old
Photo: Camilla Bäckman

“Nestor” 2 years old
Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

“Nestor” winning BOB and the Swedish Champion title
2 years old-his first possible chanse to become Swedish Champion

Photo Anna Wretström

“Nestor” 18 months
Photo EPIC

“Nestor” 6 weeks
Photo Elisabeth Espedal
“Nestor” & Annalena
Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
“Nestor rest”
Photo: Elisabeth Espedal